Pronounced: dih-SEEZ (alt: diss-SEEZ), verb

Notes: It sounds like “disease”, but isn’t related

Yesterday’s word

The word bletting means “the ripening of fruit, especially of fruit stored until the desired degree of softness is attained”.

First usage

Our word is one of the rare ones that I cannot find out when it came into English

Background / Comments

Our word is near the end of the not-very-good calendar of words; this time, they listed the word as a verb, even though their own definition was that of a noun. It looks to be the gerund of “blet”, but “blet” is not a verb either (as least, not that I could find). Our word comes from the French word blet (overripe), which is considered to be a variant of the Old French word bleche, which is an adjective that comes from the verb blecier (to bruise).

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