Pronounced: vuh-DEHT (alternatively, vih-DEHT), noun Notes: Another interesting history Yesterday’s word The word saturnine means “sluggish or gloomy; slow or listless as though suffering from lead poisoning” First usage Our word came into English in the early to mid-1400s Background / Comments Our word came into English from the Latin word sāturnīnus (Saturn-like). This isContinue reading “vedette”


Pronounced: roor-ih-TAY-nee-uhn, adj Notes: I recognized the source of the word, but didn’t get the meaning right Yesterday’s word The word polemic, as a noun, means “someone or something that is controversial”. As an adjective, it means “something that is controversial, argumentative, or contrarian”. The form polemical can be used as the adjectival form. FirstContinue reading “Ruritanian”