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Pronounced: HAYD-l, adj Notes: Another new word for me Yesterday’s word The word judder, as a verb, means “to shake or vibrate violently”. As a noun it means “an intense shaking or vibration” First usage This word came into English in the 1920s. Background / Comments You may have correctly guessed that this is anotherContinue reading “hadal”


Pronounced: JUD-uhr, verb/noun Notes: I didn’t know this was a word, but you may be able to guess the meaning Yesterday’s word The word trachle means “an exhausting effort such as from a long walk or lengthy work” First usage This word came into English in the mid-1500s Background / Comments Our word comes fromContinue reading “judder”


Pronounced: TRAH-khuhl, noun Notes: I don’t think I’ve run across this word Yesterday’s word The word solunar means “relating to the sun and the moon” (as you might think) First usage This word came into usage in the 1930s Background / Comments This word is the words “solar” and “lunar” run together to make theContinue reading “trachle”

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