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Pronounced: SAH-luh-duhs, noun Notes: This is a fancy word for something; I know a different fancy word for it, but not this one Yesterday’s word The word contund means “to thrash or bruise” Background / Comments I should have seen the similarity to contusion and been able to guess at the meaning. Our word comesContinue reading “solidus”


Pronounced: kuhn-TUHND, verb Notes: This is another case of a word that I didn’t have any idea of the meaning, but after looking at the definition, I should have been able to figure it out. Yesterday’s word The word pukka means “geniune, authentic; also first-class” Background / Comments If this word evokes mental pictures ofContinue reading “contund”


Pronounced: PUH-kuh, adj Notes: I’ve run across this word in reading, and had an idea of the meaning, but I also found the background interesting. Do you know the meaning? Yesterday’s word The word subduct means “to push or move below something” Background / Comments The word comes from Latin subducere (to draw up, withdraw,Continue reading “pukka”

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