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Pronounced: AS-uh-rate, adj Notes: I don’t think I’ve every run across this useful word Yesterday’s word The word psittacism means “chattering; parroting or mimicking; mechanical, repetitive, and meaningless speech” First usage This word came into English in the late 1800s Background / Comments When I read the definition, a memory kicked in – a memoryContinue reading “acerate”


Pronounced: SIT-uh-sihz-uhm, noun Notes: I didn’t know this word, but after seeing the definition, I was pretty sure I knew the origin Yesterday’s word The word vedette has a couple of varied meanings a leading state of film star a mounted sentry or a scouting boat posted in an advanced position to observe the movementsContinue reading “psittacism”


Pronounced: vuh-DEHT (alternatively, vih-DEHT), noun Notes: Another interesting history Yesterday’s word The word saturnine means “sluggish or gloomy; slow or listless as though suffering from lead poisoning” First usage Our word came into English in the early to mid-1400s Background / Comments Our word came into English from the Latin word sāturnīnus (Saturn-like). This isContinue reading “vedette”

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