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Pronounced: AD-uh-nize, verb Notes: This is another word that made me feel foolish; I didn’t know it when I saw it, but when I read the background, I realized that I should have known it. Yesterday’s word The word illative means “of, relating to, or expressing an inference or conclusion” (the word “therefore” is anContinue reading “adonize”


Pronounced: ILL-uh-tihv (alt ih-LAY-tihv), adj Notes: I ran across this word in my reading, but didn’t know it Yesterday’s word The word bogart means to hog or take more than the fair share of something to bully, act touch, or to be belligerent First usage This word came into usage in the 1960s Background /Continue reading “illative”


Pronounced: BOH-gart, verb Notes: I didn’t know this was a word (thus its inclusion), but you may be able to guess the meaning Yesterday’s word The word pachydermatous means of or relating to the pachyderms thick; thickened callous; insensitive First usage This word came into usage in the early 1800s (maybe mid-1800s) Background / CommentsContinue reading “bogart”

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