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Pronounced: ROO-gohs, adj Notes: An interesting word to know Yesterday’s word The word blate, as a verb, means “to babble; to cry” — as an adjective, it means “timid” First usage The verb goes back to the late 1800s; the adjective goes way back to 1000 Background / Comments The verb form is thought toContinue reading “rugose”


Pronounced: blate, verb/adj Notes: Such a simple word, but I didn’t know it Yesterday’s word The word crepitate means “to make a crackling sound: to make a series of short, sharp noises” First usage This word came into English twice; first in the early 1600s, and then in the mid-1800s (see below) Background / CommentsContinue reading “blate”


Pronounced: KREH-puh-tate, verb Notes: I don’t think I’ve every run across this word Yesterday’s word The word metathesis means the transposition of letters, sounds, or syllables in a word in chemistry, double decomposition First usage This word goes back to the mid-1500s Background / Comments It’s the first definition that I referred to yesterday. AnContinue reading “crepitate”

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