Pronounced: in-SOO-see-uhnt, adj

Notes: Another word that I could have guessed if I spent a little longer with it. I’ve run across this word in reading, but could not define it properly

Yesterday’s word

The word proxemics is “the study of physical proximity between people”. For example, in Spanish cultures, people stand closer together when talking that Americans do… I think the Italians are even closer together when speaking. How close two people are affects how close they stand together. This kind of thing falls under our word.

First usage

Our word came into usage in the 1960s

Background / Comments

Our word was coined by Edward T Hall. It comes from (as you might think) the word proximity, which came from the French word proximité, which came from the Latin word proximitas, which comes from proximus (nearest), the superlative of prope (near).

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