Pronounced: prok-SEE-mix, noun

Notes: I hadn’t heard of this word

Yesterday’s word

The word cryophilic means “preferring or thriving in the cold or at low temperatures”

First usage

This word came into English usage in the 1940s

Background / Comments

This is a word that I should have known, but I didn’t parse it properly. Our word is the combination of cryo- (cold, as in cryogenics) and -philic (liking; enjoying). Both of these comes from Greek – cryo comes from krýos, and -philic is the adjective form of -phile (lover of), as in “francophile”. The suffix -phile comes from the Greek word -philos (dear, beloved). It is said that there are people who like to sleep warm and others who like to sleep cool, and they are often married to each other.

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