Pronounced: TA-run-tih-zuhm, noun

Notes: I didn’t know this word, but it is related to a word I have heard of

Yesterday’s word

The word Bluebeard refers to a marries and kills one wife after another


As I noted yesterday, I knew the meaning of this word; it was the background that I didn’t know. I’ve always thought that Bluebeard was a real person – probably by association with Blackbeard, who was a real person. Bluebeard comes from a fairy tale by Charles Perrault. The main character, Raoul, has the nickname Bluebeard due to his bluish beard. He marries multiple times, and forbids each wife to enter a certain room. One wife does, and finds the bodies of his earlier wives. Thus the word came to mean a man who has married several times. A similar phrase for women is “black widow”.

First usage

The word came into English in the late 1700s

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