trompe l’oeil

Pronounced: tromp loi Notes: No credit for knowing the language this word comes from Yesterday’s word The word sedulous means involving or accomplished with careful perseverance diligent in application or pursuit Background The word traces back to the Latin se dolus, literally meaning “without guile”. The two words eventually merged into one, sedulo (sincerely, diligently),Continue reading “trompe l’oeil”


Pronounced: PAH-luh-node, noun Notes: I was thinking it might be related to “palliative”, but it isn’t. Yesterday’s word The word prosopopeia means “a figure of speech in which..” …an imaginary or absent person is represented as acting or speaking …an inanimate object or something abstract is represented as possessing human form; personification Background The wordContinue reading “palinode”


Pronounced: pruh-so-puh-PEE-uh (also spelled prosopopoeia) Notes: Quite a long word! Yesterday’s phrase The phrase scarlet pimpernel means, as one might guess, “a person who rescues others from mortal danger by smuggling them across a border”. Background/Notes The book The Scarlet Pimpernel came out in 1903 and was popular. English speakers began to use scarlet pimpernelContinue reading “prosopopeia”