Pronounced: krunt, noun Notes: An interesting word Yesterday’s word The word bimillenary means “a period of 2,000 years” or “a 2,000th anniversary” Background The word was created by adding bi- (an English prefix meaning ‘two’) to millenary, which comes from Latin millenarium (a period of a thousand years). First usage This word isn’t quite 2,000Continue reading “crunt”


Pronounced: bye-MIH-luh-ner-ee, noun Notes: I debated about adding this word… you can probably guess the meaning Yesterday’s word The word capitano means “a swaggering, cowardly person, especially a soldier, policeman, etc” Background The word does mean ‘captain’, but in Italian, not Spanish. But the word comes from another stock character in commedia dell’arte – Capitano.Continue reading “bimillenary”


Pronounced: kap-uh-TAH-no Notes: I guessed some kind of Spanish-English (“Spanglish”) word for “captain” (but that’s not right) Yesterday’s word The word recusant means “refusing to submit to authority” Background / Comments This word goes back to Henry VIII — he separated from the Roman Catholic Church in the mid-1500s and created the Church of England,Continue reading “capitano”