Pronounced: PAR-ee-eez, noun

Notes: This word has an odd plural (parietes)

Yesterday’s word

The word palisade means

  • a fence of stakes especially for defense
  • a long strong stake pointed at the top
  • a line of bold cliffs
First usage

Our word came into English in the late 1500s

Background / Comments

I happen to know the first definition because of a strategy game called “Age of Empires II” – one of the types of early defense that can be built is a palisade wall. There is a line of cliffs along the western bank of the Hudson River in southeastern New York and northern New Jersey, presumably because the cliffs resemble rows of stakes or trees. Although who first created the name is unknown, the meaning has generally spread to the third definition above, whether or not they look like a stakes or not. Our word came into English from the French word palissade, which came from the Latin word palus (stake).

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