Pronounced: KREP-ih-tate, verb

Notes: Not at all what I thought

Yesterday’s word

The word nephalism means “teetotalism; abstinence from alcohol”

First usage

Our word came into English in the mid-1800s

Background / Comments

One who practices nephalism is a ‘nephalist’. I am a nephalist; given all of the problems caused by drinking and drunkenness, I think America would be better off if nephalism was more popular. People tend to imagine that they have better self-control than they actually do; I don’t know of anyone who deliberately becomes a drunkard. Then there are those that cannot stop drinking once they start. I think nephalism is a safer practice. There is a very active anti-tobacco lobby, even though the dangers from ‘secondhand smoke’ has been highly exaggerated. I wish this group would turn their attention to alcoholism instead of tobacco. Well, enough of that… our word comes the from the Greek word nephalios (sober).

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