Pronounced: BOOD-ler, noun

Notes: This word seems vaguely familiar; I think I’ve run across it in reading, but I’ve no idea where

Yesterday’s word

The word mythomane, as a noun, is “a person with a strong or irresistible habit for fantasizing, lying, or exaggerating”. As an adjective, it means “of, or pertaining to, characteristics of such a person” [a mythomane].

First usage

Our word is a relatively recent one; coming into English in the 1950s

Background / Comments

Most people probably probably don’t know this word, so it may fun to use it on those that deserve it — I think we all know someone who fits the definition of our word. It is thought that our word came from the psychiatric term mythomania (lying or exaggerating to an abnormal degree). That word is composed of myth (an invented story; an imaginary thing) plus mania (excessive enthusiasm or craze).

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