Pronounced: BOB-uh-ree, noun

Notes: I’ve not run across this word

Yesterday’s word

The word escutcheon is

  • a shield or shieldlike surface on which a coat of arms is depicted
  • an ornamental or protective plate around a keyhole, door handle, light switch, etc
  • (nautical) a panel on the stern of a vessel bearing its name and port of registry
First usage

Our word came into English in the late 1400s

Background / Comments

Our word came from the Old North French word escuchon, which came from the Latin word scūtum (shield). I mentioned yesterday that this word was slightly familiar; while I was researching information about our word, I found a phrase “blot one’s escutcheon” (a stain on one’s reputation; disgrace), which I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere, which is probably why the word was familiar.

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