Pronounced: poch, verb/noun

Notes: I’ve never heard of this word, but you may guess the origin

Yesterday’s word

The word agnize means “to acknowledge or recognize; to own”

First usage

This word came into English in the mid-1500s

Background / Comments

I apologize for this word; I had a word-of-the-day calendar one year, and it is pretty inferior (I will not buy that brand of calendar again). Today’s word came from that calendar; after doing a little research, it turns out that this is an archaic word, which I think it a bit unfair. They really should have either not used it, or noted that is was archaic. Our word comes from the Latin word agnōscere (to recognize), which is made up of ad- & gnōscere (to come to know). You may recognize the root gnō- (know).

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