Pronounced: ee-OH-lee-uhn, adj

Notes: Another new word for me

Yesterday’s word

The word gesellschaft means “social relations based on impersonal ties, such as obligations to an institution or society”

First usage

This word came about in the 1960s

Background / Comments

Our word comes from the German word Gesellschaft (society; company; party), which is made up of Geselle (companion) and -schaft (-ship). Yesterday, I mentioned Sherlock Holmes. In the first short story (A Scandal in Bohemia), Holmes and Watson are examining the notepaper making an appointment. Holmes points to a “Gt” woven into the paper and explains that it stands for “Gesellschaft” (Company). The “Gt” is a common abbreviation, much as we use “Co” for “Company”. I remembered this scene after I read the definition; however, since the English meaning isn’t “Company”, even remembering it beforehand wouldn’t have helped me with the correct definition.

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