Pronounced: glom, verb

Notes: I was surprised when I looked at the definition; it wasn’t what I thought. I’ve run across this word and I thought I knew it… more in the comments tomorrow.

Yesterday’s word

The word surrebuttal is “the response to a rebuttal”

First usage

This word came into English in the late 1800s

Background / Comments

I enjoyed reading Perry Mason stories, and with all of the courtroom action, I’m surprised that I did not read this word in any of the stories (at least that I remember). Perhaps Mr Gardner (author of the Perry Mason stories) thought that the word would be a distraction; I seem to remember reading re-rebuttal instead in the books. Our word comes from the Latin word sur- (over; above) combined with rebuttal, which comes from rebut (to refute), which in turn comes from Old French rebouter (to push back), which came from boute (to push).

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