Pronounced: uh-KREET, verb

Notes: I didn’t know this word, but maybe you do (or can figure it out)

Yesterday’s word

The word ana means, as a noun “a collection of items, such as quotations, anecdotes, etc related to a person, place, etc”. As an adverb, it means “in equal quantities” (The adverbial usage can be found in prescriptions).

First usage

The noun form came into English in the mid-1700s; the adverb is older, going back to around 1500.

Background / Comments

I had trouble with making a guess at this word because aná in Koine Greek means “up; again; back”. Oddly enough, the adverbial definition does come from the Greek word aná, but the meaning in classical Greek means “of each”. The noun is far removed from Greek; it is the suffix -ana (such as in Americana) without the dash.

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