Pronounced: YOO-nih-tas-king, noun

Notes: You can probably guess the definition; I’m adding it because I didn’t know this word existed.

Yesterday’s word

The word impolitic means “not politic [sigh-RL], judicious, expedient, or well-planned”

First usage

Our word came into English in the late 1500s.

Background / Comments

The definition makes me sigh; I recognized the ‘im-‘ (not); it is a variation of ‘in-‘, which is also a negation (that is, “not”), but before certain consonants (such as ‘p’), the “in” becomes “im”. So, I knew it was “not politic”, but that didn’t help because I didn’t know what politic meant. The word politic means “shrewd or prudent in practical matters; diplomatic; tactful”. Alternatively, it can mean “contrived in a shrewd or practical way; expedient”. This helps, because my understanding of the word was “not diplomatic”, which is right, but a little incomplete.

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