Pronounced: in-ter-NEE-seen (alt 1: in-ter-NEE-sine; alt 2: in-ter-NESS-een; alt 3: in-ter-NESS-ine), adj

Notes: A lot of different pronunciations; I didn’t know this word

Yesterday’s word

The word antitussive, as an adjective, means “suppressing of relieving coughing”. As a noun, it refers to “something that suppresses or relieves coughing”

First usage

This word came into English in the first decade of the 1900s

Background / Comments

Our word makes me think of the cough medicine called Robitussin; I’m sure that the ‘tussin’ part of the name comes from the same root as our word. Our word comes from the Latin word anti- (against) and tussis (cough).

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