Pronounced: SOL-uh-size, verb

Notes: Another word I’ve run across, but I only picked up the general meaning

Yesterday’s word

I had trouble in looking the up meaning of chambray: the place I got this word from says only that it is “a finely woven cloth (of cotton, silk, or linen) with an equal mix of white and colored threads”. With this definition, I was thinking of one white line, one colored line, and then another white line, and then a colored thread, and so on. However, in doing additional research, the additional clarification was that the weave has a colored warp (the part that doesn’t move on the loom; usually vertical), and a white weft – also known as “woof” or “fill” (the part that moves; usually horizontal).

First usage

The word came into English in the early 1800s

Background / Comments

The word chambray is an Americanism – a corruption of the word cambric, name for the town of Cambrai in northern France.

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