Pronounced: KUNGK-tuh-tiv, adj

Notes: A pretty fancy word for something we’ve all experienced

Yesterday’s word

The word foudroyant means “suddenly and powerfully affected; stunned or struck, as if by lightning”

First usage

Our word came into English in the mid-1800s

Background / Comments

The definition didn’t use “thunderstruck”, but that’s also a good meaning for our word. As I said, I hope I remember it well enough to use it; it would make a great alternative to “stunned” or “thunderstruck” or “gobsmacked” (more common in the UK). I think I probably use “stunned” or “completely amazed” or “astonished” for this kind of thing. As you probably guessed, this is a French word: it’s the present participle of foudroyer (to strike with lightning), which itself comes from foudre (lightning).

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