Pronounced: BOMB-buh-nate, verb

Notes: A fancy word

Yesterday’s word

The word floccinaucinihilipilification means “the estimation of something as valueless”

First usage

This word came into usage in the mid-1700s

Background / Comments

Aside from the -fication (making) ending, this is just four Latin words strung together; each word refers to trifles or things of little value: flocci (comes from floccus – a tuft of wool); nauci (from naucum – a trifling thing); nihili (from nihil – nothing); and pili (from pilus – a hair or a trifle). I find the origin oddly appealing. Our word shows up in lists of long English words, but other than that, it is rare to find it used. I heard this word on the English show My Word!.

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