Pronounced: DEE-zuhl, adv

Notes: A homonym of diesel, but not related at all, as far as I can tell

Yesterday’s word

The word scapegrace is “an incorrigible rascal”

First usage

This word came into English in the mid-1700s

Background / Comments

I think the most common word beginning “scape-” is “scapegoat”, which is someone who takes the blame for another’s misdeed. The “scape-” which they have in common refers to “escape” — in our word, it refers to someone who has “escaped” the grace of God and is, therefore, a rascal. A couple of related words are obsolete: scape-thrift (spendthrift) and want-grace (a synonym of our word). In addition to the above, there is a certain red-throated loon called a scapegrace, but I haven’t mentioned it (well, until now) <grin>.

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