Pronounced: fay-TIH-dik, adj

Notes: A simple word, but I’ve never heard of it

Yesterday’s word

The word expergefaction means

  • awakening or arousing
  • the state of being awakened or aroused
First usage

This word came into English in the mid-1600s

Background / Comments

Our word comes from the Latin word expergefacere (to awaken), which is made up of expergisci (to become awake) and facere (to make or do).

Rejected Word

I recently ran across wormhole in a vocabulary list; I didn’t use it because I know it (I enjoy science fiction). However, I am so used to the sci-fi usage that I almost forgot that it can also simply mean “a hole created by a worm”; nor did I know that the word goes back to the time of Shakespeare.

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