Pronounced: rih-TIH-kyoo-luht, adj

Notes: This word has a general meaning, and pretty scientific one

Yesterday’s word

The word wale means, as a noun

  • a streak mark raised on the skin, as by a whip
  • one of the series of ribs in a fabric such as corduroy
  • a plank along the side of a wooden ship
  • a horizontal band or strip (for example, around a woven basket)

As a verb, it can mean

  • to mark with wales
  • to fasten or secure
Background / Comments

That’s a lot of definitions for a short word! However, it is the short words that tend to have multiple definitions; long words tend to have specific meanings. The word comes from Old English walu (mark of a lash).

First usage

This word goes way back to the early 1000s.

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