Pronounced: ARE-guh-see, noun

Notes: I had no idea of the meaning of this word

Yesterday’s word

The word cutpurse means “a thief, especially one who steals from people’s pockets”

Background / Comments

Before clothing had pockets, people carried their money in a pouch (purse) that hung from a girdle (a belt, cord, sash, or the like worn about the waist). A thief would cut off the purse: hence, “cutpurse”. Eventually, pouches were sewn onto one’s clothing and called “pockets”, and the word evolved into “pickpocket”. I seem to recall reading of cutpurses in books set in the pre-pocket days. Incidentally, there is also a word “pickpurse”.

First usage

The word came into usage in the mid 1300s. For comparison, pickpocket showed up in the late 1500s and pickpurse showed up in the late 1300s.

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