Pronounced: pleh-nuh-puh-TEN-shuh-ree (also pleh-nuh-puh-TEN-shree), adj

Notes: Today’s word is long, but I’ve run across it in reading

Yesterday’s word

The word baragnosis means “loss of the ability to sense weight”

Background / Comments

Even after reading the definition, I’m was uncertain of what it meant: did it mean unaware of one’s own weight? (the sample sentence I found seemed to imply this meaning). Perhaps it meant not being able to tell the weight of something when holding it? Some additional research indicated that the latter definition is meant. I’ve never heard of anyone with this problem. The word comes from three Greek words: baros (weight), a- (not) and gnosis (knowing). As a side note, we get the word “agnostic” from the second two words.

First usage

This showed up in the early 1900s

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