Pronounced: sheen-WAHZ-ree, noun

Notes: You may recognize part of the word

Yesterday’s word

The word mizzle means, as a noun, “fine rain or drizzle’. As a verb, it means

  • to rain in fine drops
  • to leave suddenly
  • to confuse
Background / Comments

The rain meaning comes from Middle English misellen (to drizzle). Its root word is the Indo-European word ‘meigh-‘, from which we also get mist, thrush, and mistletoe. The origin of the ‘leave suddenly’ and ‘confuse’ meanings are unknown.

First usage

The ‘rain’ meaning goes back to the mid-1400s. The ‘leave suddenly’ meaning began to be used in the mid-1700s. The ‘confusion’ meaning dates back to the late 1500s.

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