Pronounced: RAD-uhl, noun/verb

Notes: This word has more than one meaning

Yesterday’s word

The word squatchee refers to the button on top of a baseball cap.

Background / Comments

Yesterday, I mentioned that this word appears to be a sniglet (a word that should exist in the dictionary, but doesn’t). Sniglet itself is a sniglet; the name comes from a series of books published from 1984-1990. Our word squatchee is not in the dictionary, nor is its variant squatcho, but squatcho did show up in one of the sniglet book series. A sports “color commentator”, Bob Brenley, seems to have been the one who popularized the term, and is frequently referred to as the one who coined the word. In an interview in March 2020, Bob Brenley said that he first heard squatchee from fellow NY Giants player Mike Krukow, but he prefers squatcho, as he thinks the “o” gives it more “panache”. Nevertheless, he does tend to use the terms interchangeably. Quite a bit of interesting stuff about a word that isn’t in the dictionary. (I think I’m going to claim foul in the trivia game for asking me to define such a word)

First usage

This word seems to have started being used in the 1980s

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