Pronounced: die-VAR-uh-kate (verb), die-VAR-uh-kit (adj) Notes: An odd word that changes pronunciation (but not spelling) depending upon the part of speech Yesterday’s word The word fulgent means “dazzlingly bright: radiant” Background This word comes from the Latin word fulgēre (to shine). It is related to the Latin flagrare (to burn). First usage This word datesContinue reading “divaricate”


Pronounced: im-PIG-nuh-rate, verb Notes: Well, my guess was to impersonate a pig (wrong!) Yesterday’s word The word maffick means “to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing and hilarious behavior” Background The word maffick is an alteration of Mafeking Night, the British celebration of the lifting of the siege of a British military outpost during the South AfricanContinue reading “impignorate”