Pronounced: puh-ris-tuh-RON-ick, adj Notes: I had no idea of this word’s meaning Yesterday’s word The word acerbate means “irritate, exasperate” Background This word came from Latin acerbus (harsh or bitter). This word, which sounds similar to ‘exaserbate’ (to make worse), is sometimes used in place of it, but this meaning hasn’t made it into theContinue reading “peristeronic”


Pronounced: GAR-drobe, noun Note: Not a robe to be worn in a garden Yesterday’s word The word fabulist means a writer of teller of fables a liar Background The word comes from French fabuliste, which came from Latin fabula (talk, tale, legend) First usage The word showed up in the late 1500s.


Pronounced: skuhrl (alternatively, skuhr-uhl), verb Note: Some people (I’m thinking Caroline Buck or Cindy Haw) might know this word, but it was new to me Yesterday’s word The word aggrate means “to please or gratify” Background The word comes from Italian aggradare (to please), which itself came from Latin aggratare, having a root of gratusContinue reading “skirl”